The Girl with the smile | Nena | Cali, Colombia

The last day in cali, linked up with Nena via her IG. Most time guys just say what’s up and be chill about things, most models will answer. It was our first time shooting together, plus I took a bit to get the feels for the spot having used it earlier in my adventure. Normally I would never repeat a spot, just the natural light was to good to not. We met up, went over looks for the room and started getting to work.

Automatically I knew this was going to be a special shoot, gotta love and appreciate a great smile. It resonates to much more in photos than you’d think.







Definitely Nena is someone I care to work with again, she has a very natural grace to it that just flows. Not gonna lie that smile is like a freaking tractor beam, and her fitness game is on point. Super happy with the results, Cali Colombia was a blast but it was time to head to the next leg of the journey.

Photos by Kenny Cano @kennycanofilmphoto


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