AlexaC | Adventures en Cali Colombia


Always followed Alexa’s work as a model back home for her success in “La Mejor Cola del Valle” meaning the best butt of the valley award. In Colombia that is a very distinguished award, the women from Cali have a strong image to the world for having thick thighs and a love for salsa.  Messaged her prior to flying into Cali to link up, and loved the results that we created.

Had a suite at the top of “Torre de Cali”, which is a famous hotel back in the 90s. Now it has a frozen in time appeal, although it does work for it still. We did couple of looks and tried out the layout of the room various ways too. Had a blast working with Alexa, she is pursuing a career in modeling and singing as well.


She has a mind that doesn’t give up on what she wants to achieve. Thank you to Esteban for helping me on this journey, and gracias Marina a ti tambien.

Photos by Kenny Cano @KennyCanoFilmPhoto
Model Alexa C @AlexaCa1

Cali, Colombia Te extrano y espero verte pronto.

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